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Nuclear Medicine Mini Hot Cell in India

miniAllinOne is also a avery effective radiochemistry development tool.
Its unsurpassed versatility allows researchers to easily address emerging diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, exemplified by the increasing interest in theranostic.
Innvative processes with 18F, 68Ga, 177Lu, 99mTc, 89Zr, 64Cu, 90Y, 188Re, 203Pb as well as with other tracers have been quickly implemented.

miniAllinOne includes a user‐friendly graphical interface with flexible research‐oriented features. It makes it easy for radio‐chemists to design their own 
fluid pathway layout, program their processes graphically and even share their developments with  other groups.

The software accurately records all parameters,
which allows the process sequences to be fully  analyzed and optimized. Data of each run is stored in a library making it evenpossible to replay any  previous run in full detail.
The miniAllinOne software can be operated from
anywhere on the LAN with customizable useraccess rights.
Other Services
Trasis also offers custom services for the

Specific procedures and on‐demand synthesis process developments can be implemented on the miniAllinOne for a very large range of applications. Trasis also designs and produces customized cassettes and dedicated reagents kits.
Mini Hot Cell

Mini Hot Cell



Final Product Container with Built‐in Activity Sensor

Final Product
Container with
Built‐in Activity Sensor


Dimensions (W×H×D) 21.5×41.2×40.8cm (8.5×16.6×16.1inch)
Weight 20 kg (44lbs)
User Interface software package Included
Three‐way valve actuator, 6 positions, with position control 12
Syringe actuator with position, speed and force control 2
Rector‐Heater amb to 220º/c 1
Radiation detector –
High sensitivity, in with customizable
Automated processes · cartridge conditioning
· dissolving of lyophilized precursors
· synthesis phases
· purification
· final formulation
· extensive rinsing at the end of the synthesis
Hot cell requirement The miniAllinOne can be housed in any shielded hot cells, as it has
standard dimensions and there are no dissociated electronics.
Trasis offers a wide range of dedicated hot cells in line with needs and
conforming to local regulations
Software Open software with graphical interface, sequence edition,
programmable access rights
A widely recognized online service
An online service team combining IT, mechanical and chemistry skills, will provide you with an outstanding service  experience. Well over 90% of the questions can be answered remotely. Personalized training options allow to wisely use the advanced hardware and sofware features. These sessions can be performed on site, in our facilities or remotely.