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UniDose - The Hospital Dispenser
Fully automatic dispensing system for any PET radiopharmaceuticals
• Fast setup
• Drastic exposure reduction
• Traceability
• Safe use in hospitals

UniDose, housed in a hotcell, is an automated dispenser dedicated to fragment radiotracers bulk vials into patient dose units. It addresses the needs of nuclear medicine departments in hospitals wishing to automatize the gragmentation from vial‐conditioned radiotracers into patient doses units. Over and above a higher radioprotec
tion, this system allows an access to a broad range of preparations, a full compliance with pharmaceutical regulations, a

Meditronix Corporation LEADING THE WAY IN RADIOPHARMACY in India Nuclear Medicine UniDose The Hospital Dispenser QuickFill The Pharmacy Dispenser
proven reliability together with decreased operational costs. It also offers especially flexible and safe injection conditions in nuclear medicine facilities.

With Unidose you are sure to fulfill all the dispensing and injection needs in your nuclear medicine department.Along with the automatic filling machine, a wide range of accessories will help you cover all aspects related to
dose preparation up to patient injection:
• Ergonomic hot cell       • Ready‐to‐use consumables         • Dose tungsten shield
• Moblie radiation protection screen

QuickFill-The Pharmacy Dispenser
QuickFill is an automated dispenser housed in a hotcell
and dedicated to prepare batches of PET and SPECT
patient doses for distribution from radiopharmacies.
With Quickfill, the radiopharmacists can rely on a
robust and fast tool to ensure quality preparations at
the lowest cost. In the daily practice, QuickFill leads to
a considerable reduction of the shipment containers
weight and offers a particularly comfortable solution
for secure and easy injections.

QuickFill-The Pharmacy Dispenser
Dose Administration

Dose Administration
Simplify the administration of SPECT and PET radiopharmaceuticals and reduce your exposure!

The Injection Set protects the medical staff and allows the complete transfer of the activity to the patient.