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Radiation Oncology -  Klarity

CT Flat Carbon Fibre Couch Top                                             

Radiation Oncology Klarity CT Flat Carbon in India Fibre Couch Top India

Carbon Fiber flat couch tops securely lock onto a cradle,
providing a surface consistent with treatment couch
tops. They are lightweight and durable, allowing them to
be easily removed or reinserted for use on nondedicated
imaging machines. The attachment mechanics
ensure that once the top is reinserted on the cradle, it
will be level and stable throughout the imaging process.
Overlays are made of carbon fiber. All overlays have
marking for indexing identical to Linac Couch Top. Provides reproducibility of patient positioning during treatment on Linear Accelerator.

CT Flat Carbon Fibre Couch Top

The following Overlay options are available:
1. Hitachi Pronto
2. Philips Large Aperture
3. Philips Aquilion
4. Toshiba Ac16
5. Philips ECT with 16 rows small aperture
6. Philips Digital Diagnost - DR
7. GE light speed VCT
8. GE PET/CT Discovery VCT
9. GE BrightSpeed with 4 rows
10. Siemens Somatom Sensation
11. Siemens Somatom Definition
12. Custom Design

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