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Radiation Oncology - Custom Blocking

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       Custom Blocking

The delivery of IMRT calculated dose profiles can be achieved in two ways: MLC or fixed / solid beam  modifiers. The MLC is known for its authomatic set‐ups. Looking at the total time for dose delivery, the fixed beam modifier technique shows lower total treatment per patient. Similar and different clinical studies has  clearly demonstrated that solid beam modifiers are much superior to MLC when resolution of the calculated  smooth fluence map is tested. The QA for fixed beam modifiers is less demanding than for MLC. Please study solid beam modifier vs MLC sheet describing these vital parameters.

CNC Block Milling System

XYZ axis automatic CNC machine for filter production.
Compete software package (windows) including software. Standard ASCII File Formats. A small compact table model.

• Active cutting area: 300x200mm adjust
• Styrofoam block size: maximum 500x250 mm
• Maximum drilling depth: 90mm
• Cabinet Size: L.: 610mm, W.: 650mm, H.: 715mm
•Cabinet weight: 102 kg

CNC Block Milling System
ACD-4 MK 5 Block Cutting Unit

ACD-4 MK 5 Block Cutting Unit

Small and extremely reliable maintenance free version. Block cutter with touch screen for adjustments. Most modern software version with all clinical software tools. Full dicomRT interface via shared directories or dicom deamon (optional). The system integrates full patient library features facilitating the process of creating filters and mounting them on tray or applicator. All though multi leaf collimators have been introduced, RT departments still opt for automatic cutters for irregular blocks.
• Cutting accuracy: better than 0,5mm
• Cutting speed: 10mm per sec.‐adjust
• Active cutting area: 380x380mm adjust
• Styrofoam block size: maximum 450×440mm
• Power supply: 240 VAC
• Cabinet size: L.: 72 cm, W.: 38 cm, H.: 72 cm
• Cabinet weight: 30 kg
• Software: full windows version with dicomRT     inertface


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