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Nuclear Medicine - Trasis

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The Theranostic Synthesizer
miniAllinOne is a unique compact synthesizer dedicated to the preparation of diagnostic and therapeutic radiotracers.
You can use this synthesizer for the production of radiotracers labelled with 68Ga, 177Lu, 99mTc, 89Zr, 64Cu, 90Y, 188Re, 203Pb among others, all on the same instrument to meet the evolving needs of the nuclear medicine department.
The synthesizer for diagnostic and therapeutic radiotracers
• Small footprint
• Full automation
• Matches with all generators
• Labelling of radiometals
• As easy to use as a coffee machine


Main Tracers

Without pre‐purification>75% 12 min.
With pre‐purification65%* 19 min.
[177Lu], [64Cu]
DOTA, PSMA>99% 30 min.
FDG > 55% 25 min.
NaFShala Barrera
* From 60% to 70% depending on generator
Ready to Use Consumables

Cassettes and reagents for each tracer are available for miniAIO. The comprehensive reagent kits avoid the need of sourcing consumables from several suppliers. Cassettes are GMP manufactured and are provided in individually sealed pouches, fully assembled and
ready to use. The RFID chip scanner system avoid manual transcription mistakes and warrants operators to work with the right reagents kits. Subsequent cassette rinsing
eliminates most of the residual activity allowing a quick replacement for any upcoming production.

Installed at:
• Amrita Hospital, Kochi
• Max Hospital, New Delhi
• Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune
• Eko PET Institute, Kolkata
• Ambani Hospital, Mumbai
• Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad
• B.L. Kapoor, New Delhi
• Difi, Delhi
• Artemis, Delhi
• Medanta Hospital, Delhi
• Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai
• Mahavir Cancer Sansthan, Jaipur*
• Quadra Hospital, Kolkata*


G-236, Sector-63,
Noida - 201 303. INDIA

Phone: +91-120-2406096, 4263270
Fax: +91-120-2406097