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Radiation Oncology -  Klarity


                             Klarity SBRT System

Provides an easy to use modular structure keeping treatment needs in mind for setting up complex Streotactic Body Radiotherapy Treatments.
Klarity® SBRT System provides comfortable immobilization for lengthy hypo‐factionation treatments and is compatible with other treatment types, including Rapid Arc , VMAT, IMRT, IGRT, SBRT, Protons and More.
Can be indexed to any treatment couch from Varian, Siemens, Elekta and Tomotherapy.

Klarity SBRT System Wing Board in India Body Vacuum Cushion Height-adjustable Bridge Belly Compression Paddle Knee Fix Foam Cushion  Feet Fix Foam Cushion Compression Vacuum Cushion
Standard UnitComponentsItem No.
For LinacMR Safe
SBRT Base Plate SetR624‐SCF1R624‐SGF1
Wing BoardR632‐BTCFR632‐BTGF
Knee Fix & Foot PositionerR634‐LER634‐LE
Vacuum Cushion for Body SupportR7641‐25NLB2R7641‐25NLB2
Vacuum Cushion for Knee SupportR7131‐5NL‐OR7131‐5NL‐O
OptionalSBRT Thorax MaskR323‐B2436R323‐B2436
Respiratory BeltR624‐SCF1‐5N/A
Indexing Bar for Elekta CouchRE‐630ERE‐630EGF
Indexing Bar for Varian CouchRE‐7BRE‐7BGF
SBRT Base Plate SetSBRT Board (Carbon Fiber Baseplate)CF‐2200X530CF‐2200X530
Height‐Adjustable Bridge (Belly)R624‐SCF1‐1R624‐SCF1‐1
Height‐Adjustable Bridge (Knee)R624‐SCF1‐2R624‐SCF1‐2
Knee Fix DeviceR624‐SCF1‐3R624‐SCF1‐3
Foot Positioner DeviceR624‐SCF1‐4R624‐SCF1‐4
SBRT Indexing Bar (2)RE‐15CFRE‐15GF

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