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Radiation Oncology - TLD Readers

TLD Reader
• Processes all TLD dosimeters ‐ powder, chips, ribbons, pellets, disk, rods, and micro cubes, custom shapes.
• Direct contact planchet heating for best heat transfer and accuracy. 9ms response time.
Ir thermometry. Best in the industry.
• Low cost bar coded Ni‐steel planchets. Not platinum, unless specified.
• Bar coded planchet 600°C for custodial track of
dosimeters. Only one in TLD dosimetry systems.
• Planchets easily interchangeable by user simply pick one up and insert any other type in the drawer. NO VACUUMING!!!!
• Weight input from electronic balance for powder sample correlation ‐ standard PC programmable powder vibrator 0 to 25 sec.
Bar code scanner & auto N2 shut off included as standard
equipment. No hot gas heating, Save on N2 cost.

TLD Reader

• Display digitilized glow curve and temperature profiles‐ 10 nodes available for programming time temperature heating profiles
• Unlimited configuration and calibration for any unit of
• Simple and accurate analysis. Verification for a built‐in
quality control check.
• Reference light source for real ‐ time PMT driti correction
• Dosimeter correction factor storage and automatic call ‐ up
• Internal micro processor (C/C++) RS 232 and USB
Connection PC: operator in windows XP®, NT and
windows 7 OS
• Automated drawer, PC controlled. Avoid costly Carpal ‐ tunnel workmen’s claims by operators
• Laptop or desktop control. Advanced GUI.

Programmable Annealing Oven
TLD Reader


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