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Nuclear Medicine - Dose Calibrator

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NEW Atomlab 500Plus 
The Atomlab 500Pluscombines the industry gold standard Atomlab 500 Dose Calibrator and Wipe Test Counter, offering you a complete and cost‐effective solution for all of your molecular imaging needs.
The intuitive Atomlab 500Plus provides fast, accurate radionuclide activity measurements with performance that complies with the most stringent regulatory requirements. 

The Atomlab 500 Plus Dose Calibrator and Wipe Test Counter have brought it all together ‐ science, technology and application. 
• Windows® 10 Operating System 
• Microsoft SQL Database
• Communicates with most commercially available NM
management systems via Ethernet or Serial Port
• Preprogrammed for 97 most commonly used radionuclides; any 12 can be conveniently touch selected
• Automatic range selection; up to 100 Curies of Tc‐99m or 25 Curies of F‐18

NEW Atomlab 500Plus

Optical battery control
 The system is easy to use. There are 12 isotope selection touch keys preprogrammed for the most commonly used radionuclides. Any of those keys can be reprogrammed by the user for a desired isotope. There are 97 isotope‐specific dial values listed in the library. Dial values can easily be changed if required.

Activity is displayed on the color display in either Curie or Becquerel units. Background correction is performed at the touch of a button. Range selection is automatic, from .01 microcurie to 100 Curies of Tc‐99m or 25 Curies of F‐18.

Quality Assurance
The Atomlab 500 has been designed to make life easier. The extensive selection of quality assurance applications streamlines and simplifies hot lab administration requirements. The system stores and decay corrects multiple reference sources and compares the measured activity to the calculated activity for the daily constancy test. 

Linearity tests can be performed in the traditional manual method or by a fully automated program that allows for readings from a source to be taken, and automatically recorded at specified intervals. The system will graph the results. 

The attenuation tube test for linearity can be performed using software that will guide the user through the procedure, store the values and make all calculations.

• All‐In‐One Flat Panel Display: 12.2" Touchscreen, Windows 10 Operating System and USB connectivity.
‐ Dimensions: 11.8” w x 8.1” d x .4” h (30 x 21 x 1 cm) 
• Line Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, auto selectable by the power supply 
• Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz, detachable line cord, built‐in EMI filter and transient suppression 
• Auxiliary Port: Two USB ports, one RS‐232 port 
• Isotope Selection Keys: Twelve pre‐programmed – Tc‐99m, Tl‐201, I‐123, I‐131, Cs‐137, Co‐57, Xe‐133, Ga‐67, In‐ 111, F‐18, Y‐90s, Ba‐133 and a full alphabetical list of 97 isotopes. 
• Activity Range: 0.01 μCi to 100 Ci (.0004 MBq to 3700 GBq) of Tc‐99m or 25 Ci of F‐18 
• Energy Range: 25 keV to 3 MeV photons

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