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Radiation Oncology - Klarity

Klarity Cadet AIO Base Plate (S-Type) (R-612 NCF)
Dual configured for pediatric and adolescent
positioning, and suitable for multiple treatments.

Klarity Cadet AIO Base Plate (S-Type) (R-612 NCF)
Klarity Cadet AIO Base Plate S-Type R-612 NCF In India

The Klarity Cadet AIO Baseplate is configured
for multiple treatments and has a narrow
profile that is compatible with smaller bore
machines. .

The Carbon Fiber baseplate can be used to
immobilize the head, neck, shoulder, thorax,
and pelvis for targeted as well as whole‐body

The baseplate includes three sink‐lock channels
on either side of the pelvic area to ensure
better conformability.
Custom vacuum bags attach to the base plate
for further customization. 

It also comes with an optional Groin Lock for
pelvic masks. The Solo Align™ Baseplate works
with all standard S‐type head masks. It is also
compatible with the R460‐2436S5T head &
shoulder mask, which has a narrow shoulder
profile for highly specific positioning. 

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