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Radiation Oncology -  Klarity

Patient Positioning    
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Klarity Thermoplastic Masks

Klarity Thermoplastic Masks
Klarity Masks are a new higher standard for thermoplastic immobilization. Klarity masks are non‐ stick, stronger, with lower shrinkage than all other standard masks. IMRT AccuPerf pattern offer enhanced perforation designes for higher fixation strength, minimal bolus effect and better patient comfort. Klarity offer masks for S‐Type, U‐Frame, O‐Type, E‐Type, V‐Type, P‐Type, 
Stereotactic, BoS and various frame types.

Klarity products undergo the most stringent testing methods to ensure the highest quality. All
Items are non‐toxic thermoplastic compounds manufactured to ISO 13485 specifications and
comply with EC and FDA regulations. The Klarity thermoplastics have been analytically tested for  Non‐allergic Testing and found having ‘No Antigenic Protein’ by Akron Rubber Development 
Laboratory Inc., Ohio 44305, USA. Accreditated by the American Association of Laboratory
Accreditation, District of Columbia, USA

Total Body Irradiation System

Designed to facilitates treatment of patients in a
standing but supported position. Accurate and safe
mounting of shielding blocks. Patient comfort is aided by
an adjustable bicycle seat. Lung blocks can be mounted
directly onto adjustable perforated acrylic sheet in the

A scatter screen can be placed in front of patient where
increased surface exposure is prescribed. An adjustable
holding bar is provided for enhanced stability.

Body Irradiation System

General Working Time Instructions At-a-Glance

Optimum Temperature: 70 C

Heat for 3‐4 minutes
Green thermoplastic normally sets in 3‐4 minutes, with a working time of 1‐2 minutes, depending on thickness. White thermoplastic normally sets in 2‐3 minutes, with a working time of 45 seconds, depending on thickness.

Klarity Mini Oven


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