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Nuclear Medicine - HPLC

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Nuclear Medicine HPLC CONSUMABLES UV detector in india
Nuclear Medicine HPLC CONSUMABLES UV detector in india
Nuclear Medicine HPLC CONSUMABLES UV detector in india

AllinOne can be equipped with an integrated HPLC system controlled by the synthesizer. An injection valve, a column selection valve, a radiation detector, and an optional UV detector are included within the synthesizer. The pump and the eluent selection box can be placed nearby or apart from the synthesizer. Up to three eluent solutions can be dispensed in isocratic or gradient mode.

The cassette is structured around zero dead volume three‐way valves manifolds offering up to 36 positions freely assignable to reagent vials, SPE cartridges, syringes etc. All components have been designed from carefully chosen materials compatible with the most aggressive acids, bases and solvents. Perform up to several chemistry R&D runs per hour by avoiding cleaning and rinsing. All fluid pathway parts can be
ordered from Trasis for R&D purposeor even with certificates when needed.


The easy to use software allows the user to create his own fluid pathway layouts by simple drag and drop actions of cassette components selected from a virtual toolbox. These very realistic layouts will be the graphical support to create and edit the process sequences. Import and export functions allow sharing and exchanging developments in just a few clicks with collaborators worldwide. Features also include traceability of all changes during the development process, full
records of previous runs, allowing to virtually replay these

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