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Nuclear Medicine - Thyroid Uptake Probe

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ATOMLAB 960 Thyroid Uptake System

A complete, mobile, self‐contained Medical Spectrometer SystemThe Atomlab 960 Thyroid Uptake System is an advanced multi‐purpose spectrum analysis instrument designed for diverse nuclear medicine applications. Uptake studies, wipe tests, and other user‐defined tasks are accomplished with speed and precision using this fully integrated computer‐controlled instrument and its comprehensive selection of application software. The system’s multichannel analyzer has 1024
channels, with individual MCAs for the probe and optional well counter. Engineered for mobility, durability and operational efficiency, the Atomlab
960 handles clinical tests, safety compliance tasks, and system administration procedures quickly and accurately. Intuitive menus follow conventionally established nuclear medicine procedures, providing stepby‐ step guidance throughout all defined procedures.
The system automatically performs calculations, stores patient information and test results, and outputs clear, concise reports. Userdefined uptake protocols can be initiated.

Nuclear Medicine Thyroid Uptake Probe in India ATOMLAB 960 Thyroid Uptake System Radionuclides
Who Uses RIT
• Unique Positioning LED for accurate thyroid centering – A First in Thyroid Uptake System Design    
• Distance measurement rod with incremental markings (detector‐to‐patient)
• The combination of positioning LED and distance bar assure accurate, repeatable patient positioning and uptake  measurements
• All‐in‐one flat panel PC with solid state hard drive featuring Windows® Operating System
• Count rate: 150,000 cps
• Color touch‐screen adjustable height monitor ‐ medical grade tactile touch
• Innovative multi‐axis and height adjustable arm for easy patient positioning of seated or supine patients
• Convenient storage locations for Neck Phantom and Calibration/Constancy Fixture
• 1024‐channel multichannel analyzer
• Software programs for Thyroid Uptake, Wipe Test, Quality Assurance, Manual MCA and Bioassay
Medical Spectrometer Software
• Factory Programmed: Au‐198, Ba‐133, Ba‐133 (well), Co‐57, Co‐57 (w), Co‐58 (w), Co‐60, Cr‐51, Cs‐137, Fe‐59, F‐ 18, Ga‐67, Hg 197, I‐123, I‐125, I‐131, In‐111, Ir‐192, K‐42, Lu‐177, Na‐24, Pd‐103, Ra‐223, Se‐75, Sr‐85, Tc‐99m, 
Tc‐99m (w), Tc‐99m/Tl‐201, Tl‐201, Yb‐169, wide window
• User Set: Unlimited user defined isotopes, setting ROI, half life, name, efficiency and range
• Probe
• Computer