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Custom Blocking - Alloy Melter, Low & Medium Melt Alloy, Cold Plates, Shielding Trays, Block Compressor & Electron Molds, Tools & Accessories

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Alloy Melter

Highly durable melter with heavy gauge stainless steel
inner and outer walls. Full trap ceramic heaters,
temperature control and internal heater fitted ball valve
dispenser to avoid solidification of alloy inside tap.

Melter Jug    

Stainless steel 1.5 ltr. capacity electrically operated
cordless jug.

Alloy Melter & Melter Jug
Cold Plates

Low & Medium Melt Alloy

Low melt (70°C) or medium melt (95°C) calcium free alloy.
Available in kilograms.

Cold plates

Alloy cooling plates are available in two variants.
2x1ft. Water cooling plate and compressor based
refrigerated cooling plate.

Cold plates

Shielding trays

Available with standard or custom hole and slot pattern in polycarbonate or acrylic for and brand of linac or cobalt.

Shielding trays

Block Compressor & Electron Molds

Sturdy metallic made block compressor for holding electron and photon foams, while pouring alloy. Electron molds in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25cm field sizes made of specially formulated high temperature with‐standing polymer silicon rubber.

Block Compressor & Electron Molds

Tools & Accessories

Stainless steel mug for pouring alloy, drill machine with drill bits, digital thermometer, wrench, coarse file, soldering iron, hammer, screw driver,
nuts and bolts etc.

Block Compressor & Electron Molds


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