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Nuclear Medicine - Radiation Monitoring

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Digital Area Monitor

The digital area monitor with built‐in GM gamma detector provides continuous gamma radiation monitoring of rooms where radionuclides are received, stored, or dispensed, and in waste management areas where there is the possibility of radioactive contamination. The
monitor is wall‐mountable.
With built‐in GM gamma detector for continuous monitoring
• Detects gamma radiation
• LOW and HIGH alarms with yellow and red lights, adjustable audible tones  

Digital Area Monitor

• 0.1mR/hr ‐ 1000 mR/hr or μSvh ‐ 9999 μSvh/h
• Detector failure light to signal detector overload or instrument failure
• Threshold adjustment from 2 to 100 mV
• Battery continuously trickle charges when unit is operating and connected to wall current low battery warning
• Internal detector: halogen quenched GM gamma detector, sensitivity: 1000 cpm/mR/hr (Cs‐137 gamma),
energyresponse (60 keV‐3MeV) : within ±25% of true value
• Display: four‐digit LED display with 0.8” (2cm) character height
• Display range: 000.0‐9999
• Display units: available in mR/hr or μSv/h

Ludlum Pocket Dosimeter
The Model 25‐1 is a small‐sized device designed to warn users any time they
are in a potentially harmful radiation environment.

• 001 mSv/h to 9.99 Sv/h Dose Rate Range
• 0 to 999 Sv Accumulated Dose Range
• Loud Alarms, Light Weight, Rugged

Nuclear Medicine Digital Area Monitor in India Ludlum Pocket Dosimeter Ludlum Stretch Scope Exposure Ratemeter Ludlum Portable Monitor Ludlum Hand & Foot Monitor
Ludlum Stretch Scope Exposure Ratemeter

Ludlum Stretch Scope
Exposure Ratemeter

Ludlum Portable Monitor

Ludlum Portable Monitor


Ludlum Hand & Foot Monitor

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