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Radiation Oncology

Nuclear Medicine

Diagnostic Radiology

Orthopedic Splints


Calibration Services

Complete range of products for Relative and absolute Dosimetry, Machine QA, Patient Positioning baseplate and thermoplastics, Custom Blocking, Brachytherapy QA, Medical Physics tools, patient markers and QA phantoms

Complete PET Hotlab setup including Dose Calibrators, Thyroid Uptake Probe, Radiation monitoring instruments, Lead protection devices, Radiosynthesis unit, Check sources and QA phantoms


Single shot QA tool for exposure measurement, AERB recommended QA kit, QA Phantoms, Carbon Fiber Table tops and Imaging tables


Standard bigger splinting sheets, Preformed and precut splinting material



State-of-the-art manufacturing facility to produce and support medical physics, custom blocking, lead protection devices and source trolleys


Calibration facility for any kind or brand of radiation survey meter, pocket dosimeters and area (zone) monitors. Recognised by AERB.




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