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Diagnostic QA - Dose Dose Rate Meters

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Quart dido CT
Advanced Technology and Improved Methodology
The QUART didoCT meter is designed for easy and precise dose‐width product measurements.
The meter does not require any pre‐se􀁋ng procedure for direct reading of DWP, rate and ti
me parameters. Its detector part is based on solid‐state technology. Unlike conventional ion chambers, the QUART didoCT is not affected by variations in environmental temperature or air pressure and does not require correction.

The didoCT is equipped with a backlit display to assure swift readings even in darkened environments. To provide the ability to track generator characteristics, the dose or DWP rate is refreshed continuously on the meter display while the measurement is running.

The meter is powered by a rechargeable battery. One charge is sufficient to last approximately 80 hours of continuous use. Recharging the meter until full takes only between 3–4 hours. A warning will appear on the display when the battery charge is running low.

Technical Specifications      
               DWP        :        Range                 1.5 mGy*cm – 999 mGy*cm            
                                         Uncertainty       +/‐ 5 %

               DWP        :        Rate Range        2.0 mGy/s*cm – 999 mGy/s*cm
                                         Modes (3)           One‐second‐mean rate refreshed four times per second
                                                                      Total average; Maximum
                                                                      Uncertainty................... +/‐ 5 %

Exposure Time    :        Range                 0.5 ms – 300 s
                                         Mode                   Duration of full exposure
                                         Uncertainty       ± 0.5 ms

Weight                  :         Base Unit             180g
                                         Detector Unit      120g including cable

Size                       :          Base Unit             17 x 7 x 4.5 cm (L x W x H)
                                          Detector Unit      16 x 1.3 cm (length x diameter)
                                                                          Active length up to 100 mm (marked)

Operating Temp :         15‐35°C

ConeBeam Test Phantom

ConeBeam Test Phantom

CTDI Phantom

CTDI Phantom


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