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Mobile Laser System


Horus and Laserstar The Perfect Combination
for Patient Marking and Positioning in Radiotherapy

Mobile Laser System

The complete redesigned next generation of our laser systems convince with state‐of‐the‐art technology in a modern look and feel. HORUS and LASERSTAR are durable, reliable and trusted high precision tools for the daily use in your advanced workflow for virtual simulation and patient positioning.

HORUS HORUS moveable laser lines are supporting your radiotherapy treatment planning for a precise and highly accurate marking on the patient skin.

Technical DATA Horus

HORUS Laser color (wavelength)red (638 nm), green (520 nm)
Line width (up to 4 m distance)< 1 mm
Line length ( at 3 m distance)
Laser class
> 3 m
Positioning accuracy± 0.1 mm
Projection accuracy (up to 4 m distance)± 0.5 mm
Travel range700 mm
Power supply100 – 240 V AC
Dimensions (H x W x D) Laser rail
Weight Laser rail
1355 x 155 x 145 mm
20 kg

Horus 1

• 1 mobile sagitial laser
• 2 fixed cross beam lasers
for horizontal and transversal lines
• 1 additional fixed transverse laser
in the ceiling device to prevent
shadow effects                    

Horus 3

• 1 mobile sagittal laser
• 2 mobile Horizontal laser 
• 3 fixed transverse laser                        

Horus 5

• 1 mobile sagittal laser
• 2 mobile Horizontal laser
• 2 mobile transverse laser    

AJ Hospital, Mangalore (India)

AJ Hospital, Mangalore (India)

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Control Tablet PC


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