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Gold Fiducial Markers

Gold Fiducial Markers

Gold Fiducial Markers are implantable markers used in
IMRT, CRT, and IGRT treatment to provide real‐time
accurate localization of the treatment volumes. The
needles are used for the interstitial placement of gold
seed markers. Once implanted, the gold markers serve as
localization devices for the purpose of radiation therapy.

Gold Fiducial Markers
These markers are a necessity during cases where the treatment volume moves with respect to external skin  markings. IZI Gold Fiducial Markers are used in soft tissue cases like the prostate, liver and lung.
Pre‐waxed needles with gold fiduciary markers
Sterile, biocompatible interstitial needles each containing a solid gold marker
Gold Marker Sizes: 1.2mm x 3.0mm ‐ pack of three markers


FlexiMarc Gold Fiducial Markers (Non-Migrating)

• Uses node technology for better visibility
• Specifically shaped to prevent migration
• Available in 2 or 3 node configuration
• One marker provides 2 distinct reference points
• Visible in TRUS, BAT, Portal, MRI, CT and x‐Ray
• Multiple diameters and needle guides to meet your needs
• 0.9 mm diameter with 18 GA needle 2 or 3 node
• 1.2 mm diameter with 17 GA needle 2 or 3 node
• Available in 1cm & 2cm lengths

Gold Fiducial Markers


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