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Nuclear Medicine - Check Sources PIXY

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PIXY - Whole Body Anthropomarphic Phantom

PIXY is constructed from a synthetic skeleton.PIXY is 5 ft. 1 in. (156 cm)
tall and weighs 105 lbs (48 kg). She is repeatable, virtually
indestructible and a convenient for patients.
• An anatomically and radiologically correct female
• Small size and low weight simplify positioning

Nuclear Medicine Check Sources PIXY in India

PIXY is made of tissue‐equivalent materials and has life‐like articulars. PIXY is used to demonstrate anatomy and evaluate positioning and imaging techniques , including kVp, mAs, contrast, optical density, OFD and TFD. Radiographs of PIXY are optically equivalent in density and contrast to human patients.
PIXY contains abdominal and pelvic organs: stomach, gall bladder, urinary bladder, kidneys, rectum, and sigmoid flexure. These are airfilled, but accept water or contrast media and can be easily flushed after use. Custom fractures and custom pathologies are optional.
1. Gall bladder
2. Stomach
3. Sigmoid flexure, rectum
4. Urinary Bladder
5. Right Kidney
6. Left Kidney

Anthropomorphic Sectional Phantom

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