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 Orthopedic Splints - Klarity Splinting Material

Meditronix has been successfully manufacturing and marketing medical equipments,
instruments and related accessories since 1979. This short form catalogue has been designed to provide and easy reference for Orthopaedic Splinting material at
competitive prices and with assured quality. It provides a rigid, negligible weight,
substitute for the bulky plaster-of-paris.

Klarity Splinting Material
Klarity becomes transparent when heated and super strong. when cool. It defies finger printing and cool to a beautiful smooth finish. It is coated to prevent
accidental self bonding, but can be easily welded to itself by pressing and rubbing two surfaces together.
It resists unwanted stretches and has excellent memory.It provides extreme elasticity without tearing. To correct a mistake, simply reheat and reshape as many times as you like. rugged handling is no problem.


Available in a variety of sizes, colours & perforation patterns.

Type                    :        Elastic, Plastic, plastic & Rubber
Colours               :        White, Skin, Blue, Pink, Violet &                                         Rubber
Thickness            :       3.2mm, 2.4mm & 1.6 mm
Dimensions         :       920 x 610 mm or 460 x 610                                                 mm
Perforation          :       Multiple choices from 1% to 42%
Characteristics     :      Excellent memory, Moderate                                              conformability, Moderate control                                      & High rigidity
Applications       :      Variety of large & small precut                                          splints

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