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  Servox Machine & Accessories - Ecko Servox Machine


Function and Simplicity


Easy One-Button Operation
The functions of the SERVOX® eco speech aid are operated using a multi-functional button. This button is ergonomically fitted to the requirements of the user and can also be used easily by people with limited co-ordinative abilities. The membrane is vibrated by
pressing the button, and this vibration produces a tone. The speech aid is used by placing the membrane against the neck. On pressing the button, the operational tone is carried through the tissue into the oropharyngeal space. With adequate articulation, understandable and voiced speech is possible.


Optical battery control
 Many users are reliant on the use of a speech aid on a long-term basis. It is therefore not unusual for the speech aid to be held for several hours each day. A light-weight speech aid clearly provides relief in these circumstances and can therefore make socialising more
relaxed. The SERVOX® eco speech aid weighs 130 grams and is therefore lighter than many other speech aids.


Energy Source; Widely Available AA Batteries
The SERVOX® eco speech aid is operated using two AA batteries or suitable rechargeable batteries. As a universally-available energy source, batteries can be relied upon both for short-term use or in an emergency. For longer-term use, suitable rechargeable batteries
are more efficient.


Individual Volume and Pitch Setting
 TThe volume can be adjusted by turning the multi-functional button. The ten levels allow the desired volume to be set easily and precisely. The pitch setting is also controlled using the multi-functional button. The SERVOX® eco is put into ‚pitch settings‘ mode by using an externally accessible ‚set‘ button. The settings can then be made using the multi-functional button and the new pitch can be saved by pressing the ‚set‘ button again.


Trusted SERVOX Quality
Over the last decade, more than 100 000 speech aids have been sold worldwide. It is no surprise that the term ‚SERVOX‘ became a synonym for speech aids for laryngectomees over this time. It accompanies our customers as a device often unfailingly for many
years and gives them a voice once again. We want to continue this tradition with the newest model of the speech aid.


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