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Radiation Oncology Dosimetry Dosimetry Physics QA in india

Setup time is less than five minutes
Included software with home reset, auto canter and continuous scanning feature to boost efficiency
0.1 mm positioning accuracy coupled with 0.1 mm sampling
provide extremely accurate results
Auto‐center function automatically finds centre of radiation field, saving valuable time
Firmware and software allows use of stepping motors in
continuous‐motion mode
Sampling rates of 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm and 0.5 mm using the unique
high‐resolution mode
> 41,000 samples‐per‐step assists in low‐signal‐situations using electron beams

The M‐3000scanning system is the most efficient and accurate water phantom available on the market today. All the  components of the ARM scanner are either anodized aluminium or stainless steel, eliminating problems with corrosion. As a result, distilled or undistilled water can be used. High‐precision leads screws drive the scanner, which  is a superior design to timing belts. This design allows a precision of better than 0.1 mmfor all axis.   
Stepping motors drive the lead screws and a combination of software and firmware allows scanning with either  
stepping or continuous motion. The controller is housed in a convinent (LxWxH) 18 cm x 18 cm x 6 cm package. Dual amplifier, channel, and A/D converters are located inside the microprocessor, which controls the entire system. All electronics stay in the room and are connected to the remote computer via a thin serial line.


Scanner components materialanodized aluminium or stainless steel
Water tank materialAcrylic
ater tank dimensions (LxDxH)63.5 (x) x 68.5 (y) x 57.5 (z) cm
Water tank scanning area (LxDxH)50 (x) x 50 (y) x 40 (z) cm
Water tank capacityMaximum water volume and weight 217
ltrs, 217 kilos
AxisAll driven by lead screw for accuracy
Positioning accuracy0.1mm
Measurement accuracy0.5%, except for radial motion
LevellingLevels the scanner, not the water tank
PortabilityThe scanner assembles/dissembles in
approx. 5 minutes
Perpendicularity±0.15 degress
InterfaceAll major treatment planning systems
softwareAll conventional protocols, TG‐21 and TG‐
51 with complete analysis of parameters
for photons and electrons. Tables of
percentage depth dose (PDD), tissue max
ratio (TMR), and tissue phantom ratio
(TPR), compatible with windows®2000,
window XP®

Optional Accessories

7303‐CHEXR ARM holder for exradin A‐25 a A12 ion chambers
7303‐CHTF06 ARM holder for farmer type 0cc ion chamber
7303‐CH01 ARM holder for PTW 0.125 cc, PTW 0.3 cc, exradin 0.125 cc in chambers 7303‐MPP ARM holder
for markus parallel plate ion chamber 57‐051 lead foil for TG‐5:1 mmx 20 cm .

Optional Accessories

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